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The mission of the Hans A. Nielsen College of Business is to honor God by preparing individuals for success in life through programs that integrate best business practices and timeless biblical principles. We are committed to preparing students to be successful business leaders who reflect ҹ첥 Southern University’s dedication to academic excellence and Christian principles. A significant differentiator for the Nielsen College of Business is that over 85% of faculty have doctoral degrees and many experienced 20 or more years in business before entering academia. They are committed to teaching business principles based not only on theory but also practical experience. 


of students complete an internship, consultancy, or other ELR activity


job placement rate six months after graduation

Undergraduate Programs

There are 11 undergraduate programs in the Nielsen College of Business. Students receive excellent teaching, professorial mentoring, and hands-on learning experiences. These experiential learning activities include internships, professor-led consultancies, and international travel. Every student in the Nielsen College completes an experiential learning activity during their undergraduate studies. These experiential learning activities prepare students for employment, often with the firms where they intern or with whom they consult. 

The Hans A. Nielsen College of Business also offers three minors, including the latest minor in entrepreneurship, designed for non-business students who may want to start their own business. The minor in business administration is designed for non-business students who want to minor in business administration with the thought of pursuing a business master’s degree in the future. The minor in leadership is an online minor available to CAPS or traditional students outside the Nielsen College of Business.

    Graduate Programs

    The Nielsen College of Business has three degree plans for graduate students. All three allow students the flexibility to take courses online and on-campus. Program frameworks allow students to complete degrees in 12 to 30 months, at their own pace.

    The Center for Personal Financial Management trains and equips ҹ첥 students and the campus family with biblical principles of financial wisdom and money management. The Personal Financial Management major is now CFP® certified and readies students for a career in financial advising.


    of incoming undergraduate students complete a basic personal financial management course

    Get Plugged In!

    Sigma Beta Delta is an international honor society dedicated to encouraging and recognizing scholarship among undergraduate and graduate students majoring in business. It encourages and promotes aspirations towards personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

    Invitation is limited to juniors and seniors, and graduate students who have completed 15 hours of graduate work, with a business major, who are in the top 20% of their class. A formal induction ceremony is held each spring to induct new members. Full-time professors in the Nielsen College of Business are also inducted, along with the guest speaker who receives an honorary membership. Sigma Beta Delta installed its first chapter in 1994. ҹ첥 Southern University established its chapter in 1999.


    Front row: Jacqueline T. Fish (honorary), Jenny Lever, Hannah Lilly, Denise Dawson, Hannah Zincone, Kaia Thomson, Isabella Widener, Kelli Davenport, and Abigail Humphreys.

    Back row: Chris Holdorf (faculty), Madelyn Gainey, Kimberly Champagne (faculty), Hannah Phillips, Riley Johnson, Reagan Johnson, Mackenna Mauser, and Blake McDuff.

    Not Pictured: Valerie Aartun, Harold A. Adams, Jr. (honorary), Bailey Alana, Lynsey Barrows, Zach McMillin, Bobby Smith, and Rachel Smith (faculty).

    The Nielsen Accounting Society exists to prepare students for careers in the profession of accounting by creating a sense of community, a hunger for knowledge, and an opportunity to interact with accounting professionals. Anchored by its monthly student-led meetings featuring outside speakers and student presentations, students learn about internship and career opportunities, volunteer for service projects, and build relationships with fellow students and business leaders. Through the Nielsen Accounting Society, students host the annual “Accounting Day” at ҹ첥. Additionally, more advanced accounting students serve as paid coaches to tutor other business students in the introductory accounting courses.


    Nielsen Accounting Society Group Picture

    Learn more on important topics such as the biblical view of money, stewardship, budgeting, debt management, investing, charitable giving and wealth management.

    The Center provides a four-pronged approach to meeting the needs of our campus:

    1. Freshman seminar modules
    2. Personal financial management courses
    3. Peer-to-peer counseling for students
    4. Financial literacy promotion at churches and schools by ҹ첥 students


    The faculty recognize students who have exemplified good character, academic accomplishment, and potential for leadership in the Nielsen College of Business. Students are selected for invitation to join the college’s Student Advisory Council (SAC). The purpose of SAC is to provide a platform for communication from student leadership to the faculty and college leadership. SAC members meet on a monthly basis each semester where they discuss campus and community engagement.

    Group picture of students on the Student Advisory Council.

    The internship program allows students to get supervised work experience and the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the business world. Internships allow students to earn academic credit and explore career choices. Internship experiences add to students’ resumes and can often lead to employment after graduation. Because of ҹ첥’s location, students have access to internships in a broad array of industries, companies, and nonprofit organizations.

    Join the Hans A. Nielsen College of Business as we embark on an enchanting journey through the captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Germany and Switzerland. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these two remarkable countries while earning 3 credit hours toward your ҹ첥 experiential learning requirement.

    Check out the informational flyer and sign up !

    For more information, please email hchadwick@csuniv.edu or blevan@csuniv.edu.

    Past international travel experiences can be viewed on the Hans A. Nielsen College of Business social media pages!

    Public Statement of IACBE Accreditation:

    A Member with Accredited Programs has successfully completed the IACBE accreditation process, achieving IACBE specialized accreditation for one or more business-related programs, and has affirmed its continued commitment to excellence in business education. The specialized accreditation granted by the IACBE is specific to the programs granted accreditation –this does not include any accreditation/approval of the overall institution or any of its business units.

    The Hans A. Nielsen College of Business has received specialized accreditation for its business program(s) through the located at 11960 Quivira Road in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. For a list of accredited programs please view our IACBE member .