Now offering e-transcripts!

ҹ첥 Southern University has partnered with Parchment for ordering all transcripts and processing orders of official electronic transcripts in PDF format. As our agent, Parchment will collect all fees and allow you to track and receive confirmation and delivery receipt emails of your orders. 

Notifications will be sent to your email directly from Parchment indicating the progress of your request for an electronic transcript. An official transcript is a copy of a student’s entire academic record, bearing the official university seal and stamp. Only official transcripts may be released to a student or sent to a third party. In recognition of the confidentiality of student records, an official transcript of that record will be released only at the request of the student, except under due process of the law. Parchment is a Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant application. By proceeding through the checkout and clicking next you (the student) are providing consent to release your transcript and to receive email notifications regarding your order.

Online service is available 24/7. Electronic transcripts carry a security feature verifying that the transcript has not been altered. Transcripts are delivered in a digital PDF format and must be accessed by the recipient within 30 days. The Registrar’s Office does not determine the accuracy of the email address provided or whether the recipient will accept the eTranscript. You may want to confirm that the receiving institution is set up to receive electronic transcripts prior to using this option. Students may also upload PDF attachments to accompany their transcripts. 

All students can process their requests through Myҹ첥 as long as you do not have a hold. You can view any holds through your Myҹ첥 account under the Hold Transcript Tab.

Current and former students who need their transcript mailed, emailed or sent electronically:

. Use your ID and pin number to log in (if you do not have your ID or pin number see below on how to obtain them). Once logged in, click on the Order Transcript tab. Complete the registration information to create an account and request your transcript. You will make your payment here also. For instructions, click here.

A copy of your transcript, whether sent electronically, emailed, or mailed, official or unofficial, costs $10.00 per copy. Students can pay an additional $25.00 for FedEx overnight and $47.50 for FedEx Overnight International

Students with a hold(s) on their account will be unable to order a transcript. Once your hold is removed, the Order Transcript tab will appear in Myҹ첥 the following day. To view your hold(s) and obtain information on how to clear them, click on the Hold Transcript Tab.

Your transcript request is usually processed within 1-3 business days of receipt. However, during peak times, it may take up to two weeks. Please refer to for information regarding how long the mail takes. If you wish to expedite the shipping of your transcript, you can choose the FedEx option. Notifications will be sent to your email directly from Parchment indicating the progress of your request for an electronic transcript.

You may log on to your  account to view your unofficial transcript. If you are a current student, it is located on the Student tab under Course and Grades. For all other students, your unofficial transcript is located on the Order Transcripts Tab. If you have any holds on your account, you will not be able to view your transcript until those holds are cleared.

Go to , click I forgot my ҹ첥 ID #. Once you have your ID, enter it in the username box. Next, click/ tap “Assign New PIN” and follow the prompts to retrieve your PIN.

Please memorize both of these numbers and keep your PIN private – this is for you only.

If you have any trouble retrieving your ID or your PIN you can email for assistance.

EVERY student who attended Baptist College and/or ҹ첥 Southern University has an ID and PIN that can be retrieved online.

Yes, when submitting your request through Parchment please include any additional forms and indicate if they need to be included with your transcript. 

Yes, you will indicate this during the request process.

For the transcript request policy, please click here.