Ways to pay for your education

There are several types of aid available to students.


Institutional Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships are awarded by ҹ첥 Southern University to degree-seeking students who are enrolled full-time. The scholarship amount is determined by the student’s GPA and SAT/ACT score at the time of high school graduation. The scholarship amount may change based on financial need and residency status. This award can be renewed each year by maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

State Scholarships: ճ,, and the  scholarships are among the list of state scholarship opportunities available to college students.

External Scholarships: A variety of outside scholarships are given to students by organizations not necessarily affiliated with ҹ첥 Southern University. 


The  (a federal grant based on financial need as determined by completing the ), Federal College Work-Study and the  are all available to qualified ҹ첥 Southern University students.

Student Employment

Many students work on- or off-campus during the school year. Visit the Student Employment page to learn more about the Work-Study program and see available openings.

Student Loans

Several federal and private loan programs are available to students and their parents. Loans are one way to help fill the gap between the cost of attendance and the amount of help a student gets from scholarships and grants.