Rheagan Harvel

Director of Human Resources
Hunter Center
P843-863-8047 / Erkharvel@csuniv.edu


Bachelor's Degree, Business with concentration in Human Resources
Master's Degree in Human Resource Management, SHRMP-CP

With 7+ years of multifaceted expertise in Strategic HR, Rheagan Harvel is a results-driven Human Resource Professional who delivers quality services in employee engagement, retention, talent acquisition, employee relations, multistate compliance, and operational solutions that help harness the full power of one of the organizations most valuable assets – their people. Known for her strategic thinking and influential leadership, Rheagan excels in translating visions into actionable goals and collaboratively solving workplace challenges. Rheagan is committed to establishing resilient cultural initiatives aimed at fostering business development – this involves empowering and inspiring team members to unlock their maximum potential and contribute it effectively to the collective effort! Rheagan embarked on her HR career journey while concurrently working towards her bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in Human Resources from Auburn University. This dual commitment provided her with the chance to translate academic endeavors into tangible, value-added objectives for her organization. In 2018, after earning her bachelor’s degree, Rheagan put her experience and knowledges to practice by becoming a strategic HR partner. She not only spearheaded initiatives like modernizing processes and implementing a mentoring program for succession planning but also approached her responsibilities with a commitment to ethical practices guided by her faith. Collaborating with senior executives, she spearheaded the evolution of the HR department, all the while actively pursuing her master’s degree in human resource management and attaining SHRM-CP. Rheagan Harvel regards her most significant accomplishment as giving her life to the Lord and actively contributing to the Kingdom of God. Beyond spearheading HR initiatives, she dedicates her time to serving at her church, cherishing moments with her family, caring for her two pets, and immersing herself in a good book.

Your Purpose. Our Mission.

The Lord is at the center of my entire existence, and I surrender all aspects of my life, both professional and personal, to Him. As a corporate HR professional, this commitment has posed challenges, yet each obstacle I encounter serves as a reminder that Jesus prioritizes love above all. I am beyond thrilled to join a community that allows for both spiritual and professional growth. I can’t think of a more rewarding career path than one that serves the Lord, the community, and the future of academia.

Rheagan Harvel