Connections for the Kingdom

The Office of Church Relations seeks to support the vision and mission of ҹ첥 by strengthening the relationships with churches, pastors, alumni, and the South Carolina Baptist Convention (SCBC).  We also connect with like-minded churches, organizations, individuals, and prospective students outside the SCBC and SBC.  Our students, faculty, and staff attend and serve in hundreds of churches and ministries throughout the Low Country of South Carolina.  

Our efforts break down into these channels of activity:

  1. Traveling to churches and associations to tell the ҹ첥 story and to thank them for trusting ҹ첥 with their students.
  2. Developing and sponsoring events for pastors and churches in South Carolina, the South Carolina Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention.
  3. Cultivating relationships and partnering with ministries of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, the SBC, and other Christian Institutions of higher learning.

If you are a pastor (or representing a church) who is interested in hiring a ҹ첥 student as a minister at your church, please contact the ҹ첥 Career Center here.

If you are a ҹ첥 student looking for a church family in the ҹ첥 area, check out local church lists on the following Baptist association sites:

You may also reach out to the Director of Denominational Relations for information on other churches in friendly cooperation with our ҹ첥 family. We desire that all of our Bucs connect with a local church and become active members of a church family during their college years.

Board of Visitors

The gift that keeps on giving

Joining the Board of Visitors Scholarship Program means investing in the lives of our students, forever impacting their lives.

S students speaks at a podium to the ҹ첥 Board of Visitors.