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Global ҹ첥 opens on ҹ첥 Southern campus

By Jenna Johnson | March 20, 2024
(Left to right) Devin Patro, senior VP of commercial banking at Pinnacle Financial Partners; Jarrett Branham, president and CEO of Branham Group; Taylor Jackson, president and CEO of Maritime Association; Stephanie LeVan, director of ҹ첥 Global Education and president of Global ҹ첥; and B. Keith Faulkner, president of ҹ첥 Southern University. Photo by Adele Ta

Global ҹ첥, the One Region Roadmap lead agent for the global fluency arm, officially opened its office after a ribbon cutting ceremony on the campus of ҹ첥 Southern University Friday, March 15.

Stephanie LeVan, executive director of the ҹ첥 Center for Global Education, serves as president of Global ҹ첥—which is located in the Hunter Center.

LeVan said, “My hope is that Global ҹ첥 serves international residents and businesses well. I lived overseas for many years. Many people made my life better because they demonstrated hospitality and kindness when I was a stranger in their countries. It is a privilege to do that for others now.”

Global ҹ첥 will be a center that serves international businesses and residents. There is currently no organization like it in the ҹ첥 business ecosystem. Global ҹ첥 will serve the community by supporting international residents who come to the ҹ첥 area to establish internal companies through a variety of ways, including information about complex relocation processes, an online directory, learning opportunities, and more.

“This center serves as a declaration to our global partners that the ҹ첥 Metro area walks in the ancient, proven, well-worn paths of friendship, respect, trade, and diplomacy,” LeVan said to a crowd of global leaders and supporters on Friday. “These pillars have built good will among nations for centuries, and we rely on these same pillars today as they have created the strong, vibrant, gloriously global community that we call home. Our mission at ҹ첥 Southern and at Global ҹ첥 is to strengthen these ties that bind us in our region and ensure that the global community is served well not only with the information they need to live, but with information they need to thrive.”

LeVan began working with the ҹ첥 Regional Development Alliance in 2016 on their global fluency committee. She said, “I eventually chaired that committee and was asked to be part of the One Region Advisory Committee after working with others in the community and SB Friedman Development Advisers on the global fluency portion of the latest iteration of the One Region Roadmap.”

The One Region Roadmap is a regional partnership representing the Berkeley-ҹ첥-Dorchester region. According to One Region, the partnership was formed to strengthen the economy and generate opportunities for all by delivering strategies and actions that will make a difference for all. “As One Region’s Lead Agent for Global Fluency, ҹ첥 Southern University has delivered a transformative resource for the region’s international community with the launch of Global ҹ첥,” Ryan Wilcox, One Region managing director, said. “We applaud their efforts in strengthening the region’s capacity to welcome people from around the world and quickly connect them to the community, resources and support they need to begin a fulfilling and successful life here.”

Global ҹ첥 board members, supporters, and community members at the ribbon cutting. Photo by Adele Ta

Daniel Schlegel, vice president of operations and customer service for KION North America, said that Global ҹ첥 is important to the community and to ҹ첥 Southern. He shared a personal story of being an immigrant from Germany—first on a work visa and, ultimately, successfully working toward American citizenship. During his acclimation to life in the United States, he had a few roadblocks due to lack of guidance.

“If you come here for business, and you have other things to worry about, it is great having a resource that can help you take care of things—and having a place where you can talk to people who have experience and can guide you along,” he said. KION North America is a major sponsor of Global ҹ첥 and helped sponsor the ribbon cutting event. 

According to the One Region Roadmap, the ҹ첥 Metro region hosts more than 180 foreign-owned businesses and approximately 42,000 residents who are foreign born. With the ҹ첥 Southern University campus central to the ҹ첥 Metro region at the intersection of Interstate 26 and Highway 78, this Global ҹ첥 center is a prime locale to welcome multinational businesses and international residents and visitors. To learn more about Global ҹ첥, go to  or search for Global ҹ첥 on .

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